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What exactly is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising methods on the Internet. A well-thought-out and correctly configured campaign allows you to achieve quick results and reach many new customers. Google Ads enables you to create a variety of campaigns that will work perfectly for any industry, no matter if your company's goal is to improve its image or increase sales.



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Types of Google Ads campaigns

Search campaign

Text ads show up in Google's search results when a user types in specific search terms which are related to keywords. With these, you can target customers who are actively searching for products and services similar to those offered by your company. This is one of the most effective Google campaigns available online.

Display campaign

Display ads automatically adapt their size, design and format to the website in order to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign. With display ads, you can reach users visiting a variety of websites, apps, Gmail or YouTube. These types of adverts are perfect for increasing brand awareness and communicating the value of your business in a simple way.

Business Card

Creating a profile for your company in Google Business Card will help to attract many new customers. By providing the most important information from the menu to the range of services, you can easily show its uniqueness. It is also an essential part of promoting your business via Google Maps.

Product campain

A product campaign is an ideal form of promotion if Your company trades in retail or e-commerce. It gives you the opportunity to present your offer attractively, increase website traffic and reach more potential customers.

Video campaign

Video campaigns allow you to display advertisements in YouTube videos, so you can reach your desired audience and increase website traffic. The website's huge scope makes it an effective online marketing tool.

Performance Max campaign

This is the newest type of campaign in Google Ads, which allows ads to be shown on both the search network, display network, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Discovery Cards. It uses self-learning systems to achieve specific goals. The Performance Max campaign works effectively as a complement to the other marketing operations conducted in Google Ads.

What's good to know?

Lists of recipients

Thanks to machine learning and the analysis of massive amount of data, we have the ability to create effective audience lists ranked on the basis of interests, visited web locations or remarketing lists, meaning users who have previously visited your website.


In order to prepare a detailed offer and strategy for operations in the Google ADS network, it is essential to collect as much information as possible about your company, products and expected results. Using the Google forms, we have prepared a brief for you with questions regarding the above issues.

Advertising budget

The Google ADS advertising system uses automatic payments by connecting a payment card to it. Payments are, of course, secure and it is also possible to set the maximum amount that can be taken from your account in a monthly billing period. To meet the needs of customers who, for various reasons, cannot or do not want to connect a company payment card, we have prepared the possibility of re-invoicing the advertising budget.


We additionally use tools such as Google Tag Manager Google DATA Studio, Google Business Card, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics GA4, Microsoft Clarity.

Measuring results and reporting

We create reports based on data collected by Google ADS, which are measured by implementing the relevant scripts in the Google Tag Manager. The results of the collected conversion and other data are presented using special templates created in Google Data Studio. Clients receive reports every month.

Extended analytics: UX, SEO, e-commerce

By using extension tools, we can also monitor traffic from other communication channels and the behaviour on the website. Based on the information gathered from the Google tools, we can carry out a more detailed analysis and implement real-time changes to the website in order to increase conversions.



Information gathering - briefing


Strategy development


Implementation of tools


Launching the campaign


Monitoring and optimisation

The more precise the discussion of strategy, the better the results.

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